Friday, 11 July 2014

My Perception of Life - Time & Space

Everyone has a view of what life is
Of what life is about
What is important and basically
How life works..

I have been told many times:
"Stop thinking of the big picture, and start focusing on the small things in front of you"

That is easier said than done, how do you stop thinking of everything?
How do you stop thinking of the universe, Time and Space.

I suppose if you believe in "God"
You would spend your time thinking of him
Thinking of what you need to do to in his eyes to please him?
Thinking of living the best life possible
To one day get into Heaven.

So you need to ask yourself:
"Why am I alive?"
"What is my purpose?"

Well.. no one really knows, so it is best just not to think about it.
But it is easier to just not need to think about it,
If you can just accept "God" and "Heaven"
Then you are alive to serve Him and to get into Heaven.

Easy, live your life, continue and prosper.
Die, enter Heaven or Hell based on your life choices and it is over and done with.
But... why?
Why is it so easy to just accept these things, with unconditional belief?
Why is it easier to just not think about these things.
Why is it so easy to be a Sheep?

The problem is.. no one knows, no one has any idea.
Not even me.
To think about the answer, would take more time than anyone has.
It would therefore be waste of time thinking about this.

It would be a thing which makes you sad
Make you realise how pointless life is
Make you realise that there is actually no point in living.
There is no point in being alive
There is no point in doing anything.

Doing anything is just a way to pass the time
It is a way of making you think you did something good
..Or bad?
Either way, in all of Time, nothing matters.

You will be forgotten one day
You will be forgotten some day soon
In the billions of years past
And the billions of years to come
Right now, is less than the blink of an eye.

Thinking of how great time really is..
Makes you think of how insignificant you really are.
Makes you see that you really are just a grain of sand nexto the ocean.

Take a second and imagine one grain of sand
Which one are you imagining?
Where is it?
Where do you begin and how do you choose?

Thinking of these things...
It is better to just not
To just not think about any of this
Because it makes you very very depressed.
It makes you feel like there is no point in life.

It makes you want to die
As soon as possible.
But to kill yourself does not get you into Heavan.
It does not make those around you that you care for, happy.
Killing yourself is the easy way out.

Life is a difficult thing
And you only have one life
One time, one Time Period.

You will be alive most probably not later than 2120
In a thousand years who knows what will be
Will earth even still be
Will people still be alive?

No one knows these things and it is much better to not think of any of these things.
It is better to just live in the moment
Care for yourself and enjoy the time you have
To the best extent that you can.

Selling your Time for Money..
That is a sad, sad, sad thing to do.
Especially if you hate what you are doing for that money.
Especially if that money is not enough.

If you spend your life hating what you do
Hating every second of your existence?
Why are you alive
Why are you here?

Thinking of these things do not help
Thinking of life... does not help
It is better not to cause ripples in the pond.
I suppose I am throwing a pebble into your pond of life right now.

It is easier to believe in a God than to not believe
It is easier to just accept
Than to think of what life really is.

I mentioned Time & Space earlier
But I have only mentioned Time?
What about Space?
What about it?

In all of space, all of time, anything can, and will happen.
Even you, even me.
You reading this post is happening at some point
Somewhere, in the world.

Right now, it is 9:45 AM on the 11 July 2014
I am in South Africa

What is the time by you?
Where are you?
How long into the future, are you reading this?
Where on Earth are you?

Earth is HUGE..
Earth is tiny.

When you think of how big the universe is
When you think of how large the Galaxy is.
When you think of all of Time and Space
How insignificant are you really?

You are lucky to be alive right now, in this point where you are now.
But this point is gone forever
That point is now only a memory
And that memory only belongs to you.
Every other person has their own memory.
Every other person has their own, entire life.
Completely different to yours.
Completely different to mine.

But at some point, someone will have basically exactly the same life as you.
That, is inevitable.
Due to random chance, series of events and just dumb luck.
Your life is the way that it is, where it is and when it is.

Thinking of these things.. It is horrible
Thinking of the meaning of life, instead of living life
It is depressing.
Just believing that you live now, for the afterlife, for God.
That really sounds like a much better alternative than thinking about this.

God gives you direction, hope, guidance.
It gives you some form of meaning to life.
What is the meaning to life?
To please God and get into Heaven.
That seems so simple.
It is a way to live life
A basic blueprint

Some people look forward to death
Because then life will just be over
The struggle, will be no more.

Some people look forward to life, after death.
Because then they will be eternally happy.
They will no longer struggle here on earth.

Death is Heaven
Is that not logical?
Why we are alive..
No one really knows
No one has a answer for that

How did life begin?
God made us, did he not?
I believe we are a product of random chance
Time and Space
We are in the perfect spot
In the perfect time

You cannot be before
Or be after your time

Your time is now
And what you make of it
That, is up to you.

But all in all, we are just living to die.
Having things that are important to you
Gives you reasons to be, to be alive.

Having a loved one
Having loved ones, multiple people.
Having dependants, children.
Having obligations, work
Having connections, a life

Those are things that make life worth living.
But all of those things will also come to an end.
One after the other
Until you to, come to an end..

That is the sadness of living life thinking of the big picture
That is the futility of what life is.
That is why it is easier to just accept God.
That is why it is better to believe in heaven.

As illogical as it is
Faith gives you reason to live.
It gives you reason to have Hope.

Love.. it is the only thing that makes life worth living.
What you love is up to you
Why you love is not something to be questioned.

Typing this out, has made me feel very depressed
This is not something to think of
This is not what is important.
All that is important is living your life
Making the most of it
And enjoying the life that you have
As it will be all that there is.

I fucking hate Money.

If I could have a choice
I would be a animal.
But having a choice is a luxury.

You are what you are
You are when you are
You are you
And you can do what you want.

Set yourself free and do what makes you happy
Or else you are living, just to be alive.
Happiness comes by living for yourself
Doing what you want to do.
Being who you want to be.

Limitations are just that.

The only true limits that you have
Are Time
And Space

The only limit you have
Is Yourself.

Have a good day

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